Research Links


Students, you are welcome to add to our list of online resources.  Please give a brief description of your link.  Add to the bottom of the page.  If someone wants to be really enterprising, you could organize the links into a more organized format for easier identification of resources specific to your project.


Don't forget to use our library Databases too!  They are an excellent place to begin your information quest! 


Kansas City Public Library Local History & Genealogy


Library of Congress -- American Memory Project


Library of Congress -- America's Library


Library of Congress -- Today in History


Library of Congress -- Performing Arts Encyclopedia


National Archives -- Central Plains


To Kill A Mockingbird Student Survival Guide chapter by chapter synopsis, vocabulary and allusion guide


Historical Background To Kill A Mockingbird in the Civil Rights Era


Civil Rights Chronology


PBS Race Timeline


PBS Rascism in Europe and America: from Swastika to Jim Crow


PBS Scottsboro Boys:  An American Tragedy


Studying To Kill a Mockingbird PDF by Andrew Moore, 2001.


Great Depression Photos