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Movie Re-Cast

Page history last edited by Kayla Peterson 8 years, 7 months ago





1) Jem

     Leonardo DiCaprio as a kid would be a good choice for Jem because he has done many movies. He has been in many movies where he has had to act very serious in the movies. Leonardo is a good actor so he can show all the emotions that Jem has in the story.





2) Scout     

     We chose Joey King to play Scout because Joey is about the same age as Scout in the book. Since Joey is young like Scout, Joey wouldn't understand all the things that were going on in that time period. Both of them are also care free and do what they want.


 Joey King Joey King, star of the new film "Ramona and Beezus", poses for photographs as she arrives at her New York City hotel.   






3) Atticus

     Hugh Lowry is a good choice for Atticus because he stays calm during intense situations. Hugh Lowry has around the same age so it will be more realistic. He is a good character for Atticus because of his ability to not show emotion.







4) Calpurnia

     Oprah Winfrey would be a good person to play Calpurnia because she is a good role model. She has the life experience to help people and understand people. Oprah is very helpful, and does what she can to help other people in need. 





5) Tom Robinson

     Denzel Washington would be a good character to play Tom because he played in alot of movies. He seems like the type of person that would stay true to themselves even if it is the unpopular thing to do. Denzel is helpful because he helps people when they need it.






6) Dill

          Brad Pitt as a kid would be a good actor for Dill because he could do good acting with Dill's emotions. Dill also say that he will marry Scout, so he could show the compassion for her. With his good experience he would play this part benifitualy.



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