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Women of TKM

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Miss Maudie

Mayella Ewell


Aunt Alexandra


A neighbor of the finches. A widow that has known the finch family for a long time. She feels the same way about how atticus thinks, his ways, and his beleifs.

She is an antagonist in the story and is known to be the lowest of the whites in the story. She lives in a poor family with very little respect from the other people in the town.

She is the Finch families’ housekeeper who Atticus deeply respects and the children see as a motherly figure. At church when Calpurnia was talking she would have a different way of talking so they wouldn’t treat her differently.

She is Atticus’s sister and she cares a lot about the families social class. She is a very proper southern lady and wants scout to fallow in her footsteps but that’s just not scout.

She is a tom boy at heart, and she works hard to not act too much like a girl. She is extremely smart for her age because she can already read and write. At the beginning she was ignorant and didn’t really understand what was going on, but when through the book she grew up and started to understand what was going on more.


Similarities and differences:

Miss. Maudie, Calpurnia, Aunt Alexandra, and Scout all love Atticus and the rest of the family. Miss. Maudie, Calpurnia and Scout all believe in Atticus’s way. Mayella Ewell is a girl who doesn’t have a problem with interacting with African Americans she just doesn’t want other people to know that. Aunt Alexandra doesn’t even give African Americans a chance because she is scared that it will mess up her families’ social ranking. I would say that Miss. maudie and scout are the most alike because they both get along well and believe in many of the same things.

What are their roles in society?:



Miss. maudie

Mayella Ewell


Aunt Alexandra


She is like a second mother to the kids and she is the peacemaker in the neighborhood. She the other side of things and treats the kids very well and is a good role model for scout.

She takes care of her siblings because her dad is an alcoholic.

Her role in society is it be a good role model and discipline the kids and to be on both sides of the white and the black

She plays the role as getting scout as being a proper lady and Jem to be a gentleman. Not just that but to keep the family’s social class.

She is just trying to figure out where she fits in in the world she wants to be like. She’s not going by what other people want her to be like.


The girls play a different role in than the guys because the girls are usually at home most of the time other than Jem but back then girls couldn’t do many jobs so they usually just stayed home and took care of the kids. The women in to kill a mockingbird except for mayella Ewell are the people that make scout into a proper lady. When it says in the book “Know[s] now what he was trying to do, but Atticus was the only man. It takes a women to do th

at kind of work” Chapter 13, pg. 137.


*The women like Calpurnia did most of the cooking, Cleaning, Ect.

*Do not argue with eachother and love to socialize.

*the kids do most of the same things as kids do

*They are treated like kids


*They both care about the kids

*They both have a role in society


*The men do more of the leading role and they usually take care of the most basic needs

*Have more rights

*get more choices





     A women’s role in society has changed a lot over the last eighty years. The first thing that happened to women is in June 4, 1919 the women got the right to vote. So many women have fought badly for the right to vote and they did so many extraordinary things to get us to where we are today. They would march and protest around building for the right to vote. They were treated like little kids, they could hardly ever get a job, if they did get a job and they got married then she would lose her job and have to stay at home as the homemaker. Even if they did get the chance to get a job they were only given traditional jobs. In the 1950s Eleanor Roosevelt talked to President Roosevelt about equal job opportunities and equal pay. Now anything that you see guy doing there’s almost always a girl doing it as well. The only thing that I can think of that has not happened yet is to be president. But we have an African American in office which I think is a huge step as well. The women have the opportunity and that is my point. The women have worked so hard and have put so much time and effort into making the women’s life as easy as possible and they have accomplished that task. Women are now being able to go to school as well and are just as smart as any other guy. We have had the women do all of the possible jobs I’m a sure a women in the 20s could ever even imagine a women doing like flying to the moon, or working as a cop or firefighter, or even running for President. We are also now allowed to wear almost anything we want. We are now allowed to wear sweats and a t-shirt if we want.  I have learned a lot from this project and I am very happy knowing that I live in the time period that I do. We have traveled such a long way from women in the 1920s and we have come so far and all of the people that were part of the process I truly do think them.

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