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Poetry Connection

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Racism has a human heart....

Racism has a human heart,                                     Racism is part of some people

An artery of cruelty & death,                                     Racism is cruel and can lead to death


It has blood of anger, & evil…,                                  Racism has a bad history

Has a force of pain & antipathy.                                Causes pain and is filled with hatred


Racism has a human mind….                                     Racism can be just as painful mentally

An Intellect of terror & delusion,                                A thought of terror and delusion

Has an emotion of extreme savage                             Has an emotion of extreme violence 

Imagination of vile ideas, macabre.                             Thoughts of horrid ideas and hate


Racism has a human mouth,                                       Racism can be spoken

It has tongue of torture, depravity,                              Racism’s words hurt and deprive

Many teeth of brutal incision & kill                             Used to hurt and kill

Has a lip of sorrow, hate & death.                              Racism is sadness hate and death


John G. Nelson


Racism Has a Human Heart by John G. Nelson relates to To Kill a Mockingbird. In the poem it talks about racism being a part of people in their heart, in their minds, and in the way they talk. These are all characteristics of the people of Macomb County. Jacob Cesils shows this when he says Atticus is a n****r lover. This Poem talks about how racism is manipulating and how it hurts people mentally and physically. When Tom Robinson was in the county jail some men came to hurt and potentially kill him, but these were farmers that were good people about to make a bad decision. It took a little girl (Scout) to pull their heads out of the clouds, and unintentionally make them relies what they were about to do was wrong.



                        This is a Truth                                                   


This is a truth                                                                          this is the truth

That applies to the human race,                                              that is given to all people

Yet to no particular race of men:                                            to no one kind of man            

You never really understand a person,                                   you don’t get a person                       

Until you consider things from his point of view,                  until you see what he sees

Climb inside of his skin;                                                         get into his seeing of the situation

And walk around in it.                                                            And keep looking in it

One thing that doesn't abide,                                                  one thing that doesn’t follow

By majority rule;                                                                     by the majority rule

A person's conscience.                                                            Person’s thoughts

It was times like these                                                             it was times like these            

When;                                                                                      when

You rarely win,                                                                       you don’t usually win

Only children weep,                                                                only children wine

The dead bury the dead,                                                         let the conflicts go away

One does not love breathing,             

And there’s just one kind of folks:                                         there’s just one kind of people

Folks.                                                                                      People

I don't pretend to understand,                                                            I don’t pretend to get it

Why reasonable people,                                                          why reasonable people

Go stark raving mad,

Simply because they're still human;                                        simply because there still human

That the one place,                                                                  that the one place

Where a man ought to get a square deal,                                a man may get a fair deal

Is in a courtroom,                                                                    is in a courtroom

Be he any color of the rainbow.                                              May he be any race

It was times like these,                                                            it was times like these

That,                                                                                        that

Food comes with death,                                                         happiness comes with death

Flowers with sickness,                                                            innocent things that get hurt

And little things in between;                                                  and little things in between

Two soap dolls,                                                                       two soap dolls

A broken watch and chain,                                                     a broken watch and chain

A pair of good-luck pennies,                                                  a pair of good- luck pennies

And our lives.                                                                         And our lives

It made me sad.                                                                      It makes me sad

Yet delete the adjectives,                                                       delete the add- ons

And I'd have the facts;                                                           and I’d have the facts

It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.                                               It’s really bad to harm the innocent



This poem relates to To Kill a Mockingbird because it talks about racism and how it can hurt people. This poem talks about how all men are created equal and there no one kind of man just man. This poem relates specifically by the way the African- Americans were treated. They were treated like dirt and even when the court case should have been innocent he was still guilty after all of the hard evidence. The book also relates back by talking about how scout saw the African-American people just as people not just as black but normal people. The poem is no different than the book really it works around the whole moral of the story. The poem talks about racism and so does the book, and they both go very deep into the thought talking about how everybody is created equal and there is no one better race. The poem at the very end talks about how it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. That’s saying that it’s a really bad thing to hurt the innocent, and the book talks about the same thing saying that Tom Robinson was innocent he did nothing wrong. Jem did nothing wrong to, but Mr. Ewell still ended up breaking his arm and almost injuring Scout. Scout went with Jem and Dill to where Atticus was protecting Tom Robinson and she had no idea of what was going on, she had no idea what rape meant or what any of the curse words everybody was saying meant she wasn’t corrupted yet.







Too Much of a Good Thing


‘Too much of a good thing may be bad'  to much of good may be bad                                         As the old cliché' goes                        as the cliché goes
So always do things in moderation         do things in little steps
Just like The Lord of Heaven knows                just like god know              

The blessings of God are great              the blessing of god is great
As anyone can clearly see                    as anyone can see
And when done in moderation               and when is steps
We all can live quite free                      we all can live free

That's the common sense He gave us     that’s the sense he gave us
Each and every one                             everyone
So practice it in our own ways               practice it in our own ways
And His blessings will fill our days           he blesses us a lot              

Now that does not mean to take            doesn’t mean to steal
The middle of the road each time          the middle of the road
That just means to do what's right         do what’s right
And give glory to His name                   give glory to his name

For one will get smashed standing          one will get smited
In the middle of the road                      in the middle of the road                                              If one fails on which side to stand               if one fails to pick a side
At the very least when the Word is told   at the very leastwhen                                                     the world was warned

Poem by Udiah



This poem relates to To Kill a Mockingbird because it talks about how once something good happened to the Finches something bad always happened. Atticus being elected State Legislature then Jem gets caught at Mr. Radleys. He gets picked to defend Tom Robinson. Atticus was doing good at the Tom Robinson trial, but he still got majority vote guilty. Atticus always knew how to kkep things possitive though whenever scout got really mad he calmed her down, and whenever things looked bad things always got better, so even though to much good may be bad there is still a fine line on where they both are evuivalent.



Isolation, there's no one around,                    isolation, all alone

Out in the boondocks,                                     out in the empty fields

So far from town.                                            So far from civilization                                              


Isolation, out on his own,                                isolation out all alone

With no one around him,                                with nobody there

And without a home.                                      And without a home


Isolation, like a hermit of old,                                    isolation like a hermit of old

Barefoot in summer,                                      bare foot in summer

And in winter so cold.                                     And winter is so sad


Isolation, with a stone cold face,                    isolation with a sad face

He's said his good-byes,                                  he’s said bye

To the whole human race.                              To the whole world


Isolation, he'll die in the wild,                                    isolation he’ll die all alone in the wild

With no one to mourn him,                            no one to feel sorry for him

Poor lonely child.                                            Poor lonely child


11/27/10 Alton Texas



Juan Olivarez


This poem relates to the whole book like Tom Robinson being isolated from the town in a jail cell because he supposedly raped Mayella Ewell and was then put in another jail after the case he didn’t get to see many people at all. Atticus was isolated because he decided to defend Tom Robinson and believed that Mayella didn’t actually get raped. He believes that she got beat by her father and for lying since everybody knew she was she was isolated too. These people all relate to this poem because they kind of get put away from a lot of people, and lose a lot of friends.  





by: Robin Keys

Racism, Racism, Racism                                             Racism, Racism, Racism  

Its here                                                                         it’s around

Its alive                                                                       it’s in people

It has a pulse                                                                it moves through people

Its worse than drugs and crime                                   it’s very bad                                                               Racism, oh racism                                                  Racism, oh racism      

Why are you here                                                        why is it here

Your not wanted                                                         it’s not wanted

Get! Just get                                                                  go away

Away from here                                                          get away from here

Racism, oh racism                                                        Racism, oh racism

Just Get!                                                                       Just get




The poem Racism Relates to Jem’s, Dill’s, and Scout’s point of view in To Kill a Mockingbird. In the book, Dill starts crying when he sees how the man talks to Tom Robinson. Jem cries when Tom is convicted guilty. For Scout it takes longer for her to understand why people treat other people with so much disrespect. Atticus Helps the kids understand racism.  In the poem it talks about how racism is bad and cruel. It also says that it wants racism to go away, really describing Jem’s, Dill’s, and Scout’s thoughts about racism.


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