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Depression Collage

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Background information on Depression Era: The Great Depression was a severe world wide economic depression. It started in the U.S. and started with the fall of stock prices in 1929. Cities around the world were hit hard, especially cities that depended on heavy industry. Unemployment in the U.S. rose to 25%




Kids trying raise money for their family. Their parents           Men, woman, and children holding up signs.

are probably unemployed and are helping.                             The economy was in a bad situation with parents

                                                                                          not being able to get jobs. 



Man holding up sign explaining that he                      Man who used to have a job, lost it and now

wants a job and info about himself                            has financial issues. Picture is similar to what happened.




Holding up signs to tell people they need jobs.              One out of every four Americans in the work force

                                                                                were unemployed, and poverty was rampant.




Man needing a job because of bad economic times.          Desperate for work, and he is holding a sign explaining

                                                                                     all about himself. 

           A major cause of the Depression was the Stock Market crash.

                                                               As banks failed, everybody started losing their jobs.



Army men unemployed                                              Strikers telling that they need food, and

                                                                                clothing for those who are unemployed. 




Papers saying they are unemployed                    Unemployed men trying for jobs at the American Legion  

and the man is selling anything he can, which       Employment Bureau in L.A. during The Depression.

are apples.




Men hold up signs explaining their experience                         Unemployed men, marching for jobs during

and what they want. Also people striking to get their               The Great Depression.

jobs back. 



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