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Novel Soundtrack

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Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)



For the first chapter of this novel, we chose the song “Sweet Home Alabama.”  The setting of this story is in Maycomb, Alabama.  This is a country song and talks about what the state of Alabama is like.  It’s lets the listener imagine what happens in Alabama and what it looks like.  This chapter tells the reader all about the setting and characters that are introduced.  The song talks about Montgomery Alabama and the novel takes place in Maycomb, Alabama.  The song and this chapter both introduce Alabama and that is how they are similar.




It Won't Be Like This For Long (Darius Rucker)



This song is from the point of view of a dad about how his daughter is growing up.  It repeats “it won’t be like this for long” many times. It means she won’t be young forever and she is growing up.  In this chapter, Scout starts school.  It is hard for parents to see their child go off to school for the first time and it is a big step in their life, as it was for Atticus.  Also in these chapters, she meets new people and learns a lot about the people in her town.  This is also a country song which goes along with the setting of this novel.




Trouble (By: Travis Tritt)



Both this song and these chapters involve trouble.  The song refers to a girl being trouble for a guy.  He thinks she is pretty but is a big trouble maker.  In chapters 4 through 6 of this book, Jem and Scout cause a lot of trouble. First, scout takes things from the Radley’s tree.  Then Jem and Dill come up with the crazy idea to give Boo a note.  Late at night they sneak in to the Radley’s backyard unwelcomed.  They were causing a lot of trouble in these chapters, just like the girl in this song.  That is why we thought the song and these chapters could relate.



 Winter Wonderland (Richard B. Smith)



The song “Winter Wonderland” explains these chapters well.  Scout and Jem see snow for the first time in these chapters.  Right away, they run outside and play in it.  This song is all about playing in the winter snow and having a good time.  Jem and Scout make a snowman that looks like Mr. Avery in the snow.  In the song a snowman was made and was pretending to be an actual person.  Both the song and the book talk about playing in the snow and building a snowman that can be a person.  In the song, the people go inside to the fire after they play in the snow.  In the book, the fire happens outside at Miss. Maudie’s house.  These are the many reasons why we thought the song and the book related well.



Brave (Leona Lewis)




This song is all about being brave.  It talks about a person that will do anything and has a lot of courage.  The singer wishes they were that brave but they are not.  All throughout this book, bravery is shown.  It is especially expressed in these chapters.  In chapter 9, Scout, Jem, and Atticus go to the Finch’s landing for Christmas.  Scout’s cousin was telling Scout mean things about her dad and she was very brave to stand up for him.  In chapter 10, Tim Johnson, the neighborhood dog, has rabies.  Atticus had the most accurate shot of anyone, so he had to shoot this dog.  That took a lot of bravery for him to do in front the town, and his kids.  In chapter 11, Mrs. Dubose was introduced.  She was trying her hardest to stop her morphine addiction.  She fought very hard but in the end, she died.  She was very brave for trying.  The song and these chapters focus on the theme of bravery, which is a major theme of this book.



CHAPTER 12-14 


There’s a land beyond the river (Dion De Marbelle) 

Lyrics:There's a land beyond the river,

That we call the sweet forever

And we only reach that shore by faith's decree

One by one we'll gain the portals,

There to dwell with the immortals

When they ring the golden bells for you and me



Don't you hear the bells now ringing

Don't you hear the angels singing

'Tis the glory hallelujah jubilee

In that far off sweet forever

Just beyond the shining river

When they ring the golden bells for you and me



We shall know no sin or sorrow,

In that haven of tomorrow

When our baroque shall sail beyond the silver sea

We shall only know the blessing

Of our Father's sweet caressing

When they ring the golden bells for you and me



When our days shall know their number,

And in death we sweetly slumber

When the King commands the spirit to be free

Nevermore with anguish laden,

We shall reach that lovely Eden

When they ring the golden bells for you and me



We chose this song because when Calpurnia took Scout and Jem to church, they both noticed they were singing without hymn books. That was out of the ordinary for the children, but this is the song that they were singing without hymn books before the service.  When Jem and Scout went to the First Purchase Church, reverse descrimination happened.  Instead of the them talking mean toward the African Americans, the African Americans talked in a mean way to Jem and Scout.

(Could not get a link to the song)




CHAPTER  15-18


 Change is goin’ come (Sam Cooke)



This is during the court case. This song is about the time of segregation and the book To Kill a Mockingbird is based around that time period. Whenever an African American would go down town whites would tell them that they shouldn’t be there, hatred was everywhere. This song is basically saying that someday change will come where it doesn’t matter about the color of your skin. This whole case is twisted, people will always accuse the black man, and there lawyer won’t even try, but this man who is singing believes that’s going to change.


 CHAPTER 19-22 

Black or white (Michael Jackson)



This is another chapter taking place during the Tom Robinson court case. Tom Robinson was called guilty, making anyone who saw the unrighteousness very upset. Atticus really tried in this case, even though people discouraged him from doing so. This song relates to these chapters because it should never matter what the color of your skin is, black or white, we were all created to be equal.  You know something is wrong with society when one color of skin is less valuable than another.  Jem in this chapter is just overwhelmed and knows what happened isn’t right. Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.



CHAPTER 23-25 

Hold on (Jonas Brothers)



The book kind of calms down in this part, but it has still been a hard time for everyone. Turns out that Tom Robinson was killed by some cops because they accused him for trying to escape jail, but Atticus knows better. Atticus believes that someone who takes advantage of someone who is less in stature is TRASH. This song uses the words hold on multiple times, because this is a tough time and they should just hold on and then things will begin to calm down and get better.


CHAPTER 26-31 


This is Halloween (Tim Burton)


The last few chapters of the book take place during Halloween. The kids of Macomb tend to get a little crazy during Halloween in the past few years, so the county decided to hold a fair and have all of the kids be in a play. Scout was to play ham. After a very remember able performance, Jem was walking home with scout when they were attacked. This all together is very scary. In the end Scout got to see Boo Radley and he is as pale as a ghost, so all these things tie together with the theme of the song and vise versa.


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